Concrete Work

Client: Nicole T.


Project Deliverables:

  1. Grade and build a retaining wall to enclose driveway.


Project Budget: $10,000


Project Duration: 1 week


  1. Maintain open trench and water flow
  2. Construct a retaining wall over open trench
  3. Design and install Armour stone wall


Grading of land means to cut dirt from a high spot and fill in a low spot, when grading and leveling, dirt is removed from high points and placed in low places making a level area, this type grading is known by excavating contractors as a ” cut and fill ” type grading.


Grading of land is also known as land leveling in some areas, land leveling is done by grading large fields for farm use or to allow water for irrigation of large fields planted for crop lands.


Grading of land for open drainage ditching, with proper grading and slope an open ditch type drainage could be placed in some areas to allow open ditch type drainage of wet areas or allow water to flow into a field for irrigation of crops planted.


Grading is used by construction contractors to level soil or material for base use of buildings, roadways, parking lot base, driveway base, sub grade base and landscaping contractors use grading of lawns when final grading around new home buildings and other uses not mentioned.


Grading of land is used for leveling areas before planting cover crops as seen along highway slopes, ditch areas and shoulders of roadways, this grading and leveling is important to prepare the base before seeding the cover planting to control erosion.


Grading, when done correctly can be “ eco or green ” friendly for landscaping contractors, grading for proper water flow can stop erosion and construction excavating contractors with proper grading can control erosion. Proper grading is important when installing silt fence on construction projects, silt fence is needed to help control erosion.


Grading and land leveling has equipment designed for this type of grading, a laser system is placed on the grading equipment such as a dozer or grader, grading boxes and land leveling tools pulled by large four wheel drive tractors.


Grading work is used by excavating contractors when specified grades are needed, land leveling tools are designed to help get this work done, GPS laser systems are important when grading and leveling large projects such as fields or construction sites.