Custom Egress Window


Project Deliverables:

  1. Provide an egress window to a basement unit
  2. A stepped window design was proposed to provide maximum light while meeting the code


Project Budget: $4,000


Project Duration: 4 days


  1. Maximize the light in the basement unit
  2. Provide a stepped garden for a beautiful view


Few of us think of a bedroom window as a “life-saving” feature.


Although bedroom windows are not considered to be ordinary escape routes, if there was ever an emergency situation, like a house fire, having the properly-sized egress window in the bedroom could be the difference between life and death.


By the time an occupant is able to respond to a smoke alarm the suite may be filled with smoke and their escape route from the bedroom blocked.


The requirement for a properly-sized bedroom window has been around since 1980 and subsequent code changes since then have made it even easier to understand how a bedroom egress window is defined. Depends on which code you reference. Regional requirements can differ from national regulations.